Favourite Websites
 VLC Media Player
  - Play all video and audio files
 1by1 mp3 Player
  - Easily play mp3 audio files
 CDex CD Audio Extractor
  - Rip CD audio files to mp3
 Playlist Creator
  - Create mp3 playlists for the car
 Paint.NET Image Editor
  - Edit photos, create paint images
 IrfanView Image Editor
  - Quickly edit photos, create icons
 Picasa Image Viewer
  - Organise and display photos
 Inkscape SVG Editor
  - Draw vector graphics artwork
 Freemake Video Downloader
  - Download YouTube video clips
 Pinnacle Video Editor (Paid)
  - Create and edit videos for DVD
 M-S Gif Animator
  - Create short animation files
 Riot Image Optimiser
  - Optimise image files for websites
 Araneae Text Editor
  - Write XHTML, Javascript, CSS code
 FileZilla FTP Client
  - Upload website files to server
 AVG AntiVirus Free
  - Protect against computer viruses